Discovering Home Chef…

I am on a meal delivery kick! Last time I tried Blue Apron, this time I tried Home Chef. I signed up for two servings at $39.80 and they charge $10 for shipping cost. After applying a $30 credit, I only paid $19.80. That equates to $4.95 a serving. Without the credit, it would be […]

Puerto Rico…

I went to Puerto Rico for my brother’s 40th birthday. We spent five days and four nights in the island. We stayed at the Gran Melia Resort in Rio Piedras and rented a Jeep Wrangler to travel the island. It was a short trip, so we will most definitely go back to cover more territory. […]

Discovering Blue Apron

I tend to be a creature of habit, especially when it comes to myself. Being single, it’s so easy to order take out, go to a restaurant, cook up some eggs, instead of being creative in the kitchen for one. Usually my kitchen creations are inspired by the “family” dinners I host for close friends. […]

The search is over…

I have learned to love those moments when you walk into a room full of people, make eye contact with one person and the room changes. There’s a familiarity in their eyes that eases your spirit. Up until that moment, you were complete strangers, then something magical happens and your mood brightens up almost instantly. […]

beautifully crooked

I have always been a perfectionist, my worst critic. Just today, our team was working on a shared spreadsheet, there was a column with a mixture of upper and lowercase Ys. I couldn’t resist and had to make all of them uppercase. It had to look clean and consistent! My path hasn’t always been straight […]