God can’t use me

“God can’t use me.” I have thought that, believed that and have spoken that many times in my life. Usually it’s after I do something bad. Even if what I did wasn’t terribly bad, it wasn’t good. I am not a bad person; I am certainly not the best. I hardly drive the speed limit. […]

Family Ties…

I recently made my third trip to Florida this year. I don’t necessarily count trips to Florida as travels since I was born and raised there, but these trips and the nature of this post is different. The first trip was to see our grandmother, Mima, who had suffered a stroke. She was 98 years […]

An unexpected move…

So many unexpected moves have occurred in my life… I could go really deep with that thought. But not today…  I planned to move out of my first apartment in Dallas mid-May. For some reason, the decision was a hard one for me. After selling the home my brother and I owned in the suburbs, […]

Nope, I’m not The One. 

Right or wrong, we all have our beliefs. I happen to believe in a God who empowers and enables us to do great things. Great things come about in many ways…  Michael Jordan, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jennifer Lopez, Bill Gates, the Wright Brothers, Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, each accomplished great things throughout their lives.  In […]

The search is over…

I have learned to love those moments when you walk into a room full of people, make eye contact with one person and the room changes. There’s a familiarity in their eyes that eases your spirit. Up until that moment, you were complete strangers, then something magical happens and your mood brightens up almost instantly. […]

beautifully crooked

I have always been a perfectionist, my worst critic. Just today, our team was working on a shared spreadsheet, there was a column with a mixture of upper and lowercase Ys. I couldn’t resist and had to make all of them uppercase. It had to look clean and consistent! My path hasn’t always been straight […]

Change is scary…

Several years ago, I was working as an executive administrative assistant at an amazing non-profit organization. Even though I had been in the organization for several years, about 6 months into this position, I was ready for a career change, so I pulled up my resume. As I began working on it, I noticed a […]