God can’t use me

“God can’t use me.” I have thought that, believed that and have spoken that many times in my life. Usually it’s after I do something bad. Even if what I did wasn’t terribly bad, it wasn’t good.

I am not a bad person; I am certainly not the best. I hardly drive the speed limit. I usually turn the other way when I see a someone standing on the corner with a sign, asking for help. I don’t always offer help when I see someone needing it.

When a friend needs someone to talk to, I almost always offer my stellar listening skills. I’ll even give some eye-opening advice every once in a while. That’s when I think, “See, God CAN use me.”

More often than not, though, I think God can’t use me because I know myself. I know that I am often a hypocrite. I know I’m not perfect. I know I don’t know how to recite a verse word for word, much less tell you exactly where to find it. Even though I’ve attended church all my life and even worked in one. I know I promise myself I’ll start to work out but then I snooze my way straight to work. I tell myself that I’m not good enough to be used by God.

I used to think I was being humble in saying, “God can’t use me.”

I’m actually being arrogant and selfish. Refusing to allow Him to use me.

“God can’t use me” is a rejection of Jesus’ redemptive work on the cross.

Because of Jesus, God CAN use me. It has nothing to do with me: what I do or what I don’t do; who I am or who I’m not.

It has absolutely nothing to do with me.

It’s all about Jesus. I believe that.

God can use me.

Any day, anywhere, any time…and He will.

One thought on “God can’t use me

  1. Edna Miranda April 26, 2018 / 7:36 pm

    Beautiful words of truth. Thank you for sharing.❤

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