San Francisco, CA

I have to admit, I am always suffering from wanderlust. I tend to check flight prices daily for great deals… and every now and then, I find one and am able to make it work! Such was the case with this trip to San Francisco. I was also able to convince two girlfriends, Amy and […]

God can’t use me

“God can’t use me.” I have thought that, believed that and have spoken that many times in my life. Usually it’s after I do something bad. Even if what I did wasn’t terribly bad, it wasn’t good. I am not a bad person; I am certainly not the best. I hardly drive the speed limit. […]

Kauai Island, Hawaii

We arrived on a very rainy Superbowl Sunday and our dear friends the Tapias met us with fresh flower leis. There had been flash floods for days that would continue for the next two days. We stopped at a restaurant for dinner and to watch the game, but since the signal kept getting lost due to […]


My travel buddy and I decided to check out Portland, Oregon for a couple of days before Thanksgiving. We had never been, so it was an adventure within itself. We chose to stay at a quaint Airbnb – Brand New Studio – close to Mississippi & Alberta!. The studio was perfect, new and clean and […]

Family Ties…

I recently made my third trip to Florida this year. I don’t necessarily count trips to Florida as travels since I was born and raised there, but these trips and the nature of this post is different. The first trip was to see our grandmother, Mima, who had suffered a stroke. She was 98 years […]

An unexpected move…

So many unexpected moves have occurred in my life… I could go really deep with that thought. But not today…  I planned to move out of my first apartment in Dallas mid-May. For some reason, the decision was a hard one for me. After selling the home my brother and I owned in the suburbs, […]

Cuba: Day 4

Day 4 was our last full day in Cuba. We went back to Biky’s for breakfast then headed to the Museo de la Revolucion. It was an interesting to see and read on the development of the revolution. The museum was historic and humble, highlighting the revolution in every way. I was captivated by the […]

Cuba: Day 3

Thursday morning, we finally decided to try the restaurant next to the house: El Biky. This restaurant is a very American-like restaurant. The first night we arrived, on Valentine’s Day, there was a line that wrapped the corner. The restaurant is clean and the staff is classy. The flowers on the table were fresh. The […]

Cuba: Day 2

On our first full day in Cuba, we knew we needed to make the most of our time. Our Airbnb hostess, Iraida was amazing and provided us details on cab fare expectations, etc.   We headed out and grabbed our first cab around the corner from our Airbnb, headed to Plaza Central. After arriving to […]

Cuba: Day 1

My brother and I went to Cuba for the first time and our friend from New Jersey, Cha met us there.  Our mother is Cuban, so it was our first time visiting the “motherland”. Our flight from Dallas had a connection in Miami. Our flight out of Dallas was delayed for two hours. When we […]