Dating Poll

Dating is hard! Especially if you’re an “overthinker” A dear friend’s father would always say… when you know, you know! It seems I never known… Haha! Usually after the first date, I can’t decide if I want a second and most of the time when I’ve decided I want a second, there isn’t the opportunity […]

Cape Town Day 3: City Tour

We were up early for our 8am African Wood Massage at the spa. The massage itself was uh-mazing! But about 2 minutes into it, I realized it was awfully quite. No relaxation sounds playing. At first I tried not to think of it, but the more time passed the more I couldn’t ignore it. My ears were […]

Cape Town Day 1: Arrival

To read about the arrival journey, click on this post: Cape Town Bound Aquila Private Gaming Reserve After about a 2 hour bus ride, we arrived at the reserve. Check in was a little chaotic but we got all checked in. After we settled into our rooms, we went back to reception to get our complimentary […]

Cape Town Bound

Being an American Airlines girl, I was a little concerned about traveling with another airline. I went ahead and created a Mileage Plus Account with United Airlines (One Star Alliance Partner) to keep the miles from the trip. It’s always good to have miles with more than one airline so that you are always racking […]

Nope, I’m not The One. 

Right or wrong, we all have our beliefs. I happen to believe in a God who empowers and enables us to do great things. Great things come about in many ways…  Michael Jordan, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jennifer Lopez, Bill Gates, the Wright Brothers, Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, each accomplished great things throughout their lives.  In […]