Cape Town Day 6: Peninsula Tour

We booked a Peninsula Tour with Thompsons Travel for our last full day. We had our breakfast at the hotel and waited for our tour guide to arrive. Ali was our tour guide and he was great!


We stopped again at Camps Bay, but it wasn’t as windy as it was the first day we went. Then we continued on to Hout Bay where we stayed in the van since the wind was blowing the sands like crazy!!

Then we continued around the mountain along the coast towards the Cape of Good Hope, the southernmost point of Cape Town.

It took a good 30 to 45 minutes to make it down to the Cape of Good Hope. Ali told us how the road a challenge to build since it was built inside the mountain it was expensive so a private company worked on it and made it into a toll road. Many cyclists travel the world to pedal on these roads and we came across a group of Harley Davidson riders enjoying the view also.

The mountain was carved into to create some parts of the road. I was slightly fixated and fascinated with it all.

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Finally we arrived at the Cape of Good Hope. On the way to our first stop, we ran across a group of baboons by the road!

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Then we made it to our windy first spot, the famous sign and as always, the wind was not on my side…

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Even our tour guide tried to capture a decent shot… 14! He took 14 pics and there’s only about 3 where you can see my face. In one, it looks like my hair is choking me… Good times! #hairproblemsfordays

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Then we hiked up towards the light house. Didn’t make it to the top and the little hike made me realize how out of shape I am! But there was a nice little landing for some pictures and again, I attempted a selfie or two, but didn’t have much luck at that either.

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On our way down we saw some folks on the vintage side car tours and later on ran across some Bontebok (antelopes).

We stopped on the way out to admire the flowers that were all over the park.

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Then we headed down to Simon’s Town for lunch. We had fish & chips at the Salty Sea Dog & an iced coffee at Monacle & Mermaid before heading out to see the penguins

Then we went to Boulders Beach to see the penguins! They were in the molting season, so they were shedding their old feathers to make room for the new ones. It was incredibly windy and the sand was practically exfoliating my face! So it was a quick visit…

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Our final tour destination was Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden. We began our 45 minute trek to this amazing garden and it was definitely on of the best places EVER! First, I’ll share some of the amazing views throughout the tour…

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Here’s the tree canopy walkway… it swayed a little but was so worth the views and experience…

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Finally, I wanted to share the beautiful flowers, trees and plants that were along the way…

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After the tour, Ali dropped us back at the hotel. We showered and regrouped for our dinner at Marco’s African Place with our new friend, Veralyn. The music was delightful and I ventured out and had ostrich, kudu and springbok. I must admit it was a great dinner, highly recommend you visit!

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