Cape Town Day 7: Shopping & Departure

We had breakfast at the hotel, then went to then Ubered to the Greenmarket Square for some souvenir shopping. I just realized that I didn’t even take any pics of the market. But it was like most other pop up markets with local vendors who are eager to great you to get you into their little shop to make purchases. Everyone was friendly and you could negotiate your prices. I was never good at negotiating, much less after visiting the townships, nevertheless, I did manage to get the prices down slightly.

Then we went back to the waterfront so I could get a sweater for the trip back. Unfortunately, I made my purchases at H&M…not a very “South African” purchase, but a good one, regardless.

We picked up some ice cream and headed back to the hotel where we broke open our last bottle of wine and shared with our group companions while waiting for our bus.

Our bus picked us up at 2:30pm to take us to the airport. The ride was pleasant, though bittersweet.

Check in at the airport went quickly and we headed off on our 3 hour flight to Johannesburg for our connecting flight. We didn’t have to re-check our bags since we wouldn’t go to customs until arriving in the US. After doing a little bit more shopping at the O. R. Tambo International Airport of Johannesburg, we boarded for our 15 hour flight back to the JFK.

The flight was long, as expected. At JFK, we had to go through customs and all that fun stuff. I will say that having Global Entry was nice, but since you still have to wait for your bags, it still took a long time.

Once I picked up my bags, I scheduled the shuttle straight to Newark for my next flight. The shuttle trip only cost $28 but it had a connection in the city. After about an hour and a half ride into the city, we had to wait at the freezing stop on the curb for a good 15 minutes. I wasn’t dressed for the 35 degree weather and had to change my slip on shoes for socks and sneakers and add a jacket on the street! But hey, it’s New York, no one really cares what you do on the street! The shuttle to Jersey came and took another hour, at least. After almost 3 hours, I finally made it to the airport.

At the American Airlines desk, I was able to request an earlier standby flight that left at 11:30am instead of the originally scheduled 3:30pm. I successfully boarded the 2 and a half hour flight to Charlotte, then at Charlotte get on the 2 and a half hour flight to Dallas. Finally made it home at 3:30pm.

The return travel was the longest time I’ve spent traveling, so it was quite hectic!! But all was well.

As I was driving home I started craving Mexican food! I went ahead and ordered me some enchiladas to take home to start unpacking and washing clothes. Back to reality… gotta make the bacon to fund my next trip!

2 thoughts on “Cape Town Day 7: Shopping & Departure

  1. Mel November 23, 2016 / 12:14 am

    Def enjoyed reading your Cape Town blogs!! Thanks for sharing your experience and all the photos, even the ones where we couldnt even see your face due to the wind lol
    So amazing that you get to travel to so many places, happy you had an amazing time!!

    • priscillastravels November 23, 2016 / 12:38 am

      Thank you! Grateful for the opportunity to go and to share!

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