An unexpected move…

So many unexpected moves have occurred in my life… I could go really deep with that thought. But not today…

I planned to move out of my first apartment in Dallas mid-May. For some reason, the decision was a hard one for me. After selling the home my brother and I owned in the suburbs, my Dallas apartment represented the next chapter in my life. Single and in the city!

The apartment was great, but there were some things I wanted that this one didn’t have, so I moved on a Saturday in May.

The following Wednesday, I came home from work to find my apartment had been broken into! The door had been kicked open and strangers had ransacked certain areas where you would possibly hide cash. I never keep cash at home. They took my MacBook and jewelry… among a few other small items. It could’ve been much, much, worse.

I didn’t feel safe and luckily the complex was accommodating and allowed me to transfer to another building and will reimburse my moving expenses. I had to cancel my trip home for my nephew’s graduation, pack up my things the following day to move again that Saturday.

I’ve never experienced burglary. It’s not something I’d wish on anyone.  But through it all, God provided. He made something good come out of something bad.

We often are forced to make unexpected moves in life. We may not see the reason for it. We may not always experience the good that may come out of it immediately. But I am learning to trust and believe that as He came through this time… He will continue to come through every other time. 

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