The vicious cycle of human exchange

SunsetTonight I came home as the sun was setting. I pulled up a chair to sit and watch it… had to make sure everything went down ok… and guess what, the sun set just fine!  As I sat and watched the beauty of the changing colors, my mind began to wander…

In an of themselves, both the sun and the moon are quite amazing… but that transition though… The beauty and the magic that we see when one goes down so the other can rise… I have always been captivated by sunsets and sunrises, so I stop to watch as often as I can.

Tonight, as I watched, I started thinking about people… family, friends and lovers. I have some amazing people in my life… but our exchanges are more amazing than our individuality. In the end, isn’t that exchange what makes life beautiful and magical? We aren’t meant to live this life alone and lonely. We are designed to exchange life with each other.

How is it possible that an exchange so amazing can become so vicious and dysfunctional? I think we mess it up when we stop exchanging equally. When there’s more giving or more taking. You can’t have a month of only sunsets… there has to be a sunrise. I personally prefer sunsets, since I’m usually not awake for sunrise, but it’s there, it happens every day. There are things in friendships that you may not prefer, but it’s a give and take, you can’t have one without the other.

It’s like a bank account, you can only withdraw what you put in. You may have a credit line, that allows you to withdraw more than what you have deposited… but there’s a limit to that. At some point, you will have to make a deposit. The same is true with our emotional bank accounts. If we expect to withdraw from a friendship, we have to make a deposit. It should be an even exchange, but life is unpredictable and uneven. The closer the friendship, the larger the credit line allowed. But at some point, a deposit has to be made.

When we max out our limit, never making a deposit, friendships end…. Marriages result in divorce… families are torn apart. The sun cannot rise unless it sets. When I reflect back on my life and I evaluate my contributions to broken relationships… it was due to an uneven exchange, or a complete lack of exchange.

The exchange is what brings beauty and magic. Cherish the exchange whenever you see it… we can’t forget to initiate the exchange…

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