You, officer, did not do your job… and that’s not OK.


As a 38 year old single Latina, I can probably count on one hand how many situations I have experienced direct discrimination based either on my race, gender or civil status. While these situations have affected me, today I realize that they are nothing compared to the severity of discrimination that still exists in this country today towards African Americans.

I must confess that in the past, I have ignored this topic simply because I couldn’t understand it. I cannot sit here today and pretend to fully understand it, nor do I believe I ever will understand it. You can never fully understand something you have not experienced first-hand.

But today is different. Today I find myself awakened to the reality that the world is not as it should be. The officers involved in the encounters with Alton Sterling and Philando Castile are not doing their jobs. Did you forget that you were training to discern and diffuse situations? Did you forget that you are supposed to be brave and protect all Americans?

I realize that we are missing some sides of the stories. But how do you justify pulling the trigger repeatedly in these situations? Even if you are in a heated situation, are you truly so fearful of your life that you would pull the trigger multiple times, shooting to kill??? Did you forget that you are wearing a bulletproof vest? Did you forget that these men were not??? I don’t understand… That’s not justice… That is not serving and protecting your community. That is not what you are paid to do.

I can’t imagine having to fear for your life during a routine traffic stop. My heart aches for those who live daily in that reality in our country…

I pray that these officers are dealt with severely for not doing their jobs. When an officer doesn’t do his job, it should not result in death. It’s not ok… You, sir, are held to a higher standard. You, sir, are supposed to protect ALL Americans, ALL human beings. You sir, are a coward and a threat to society.

I’m grateful for the brave and just officers that still exist to protect and serve all of mankind, regardless of skin color… I’d like to think that you are not the minority… but today, I’m doubtful.

Praying for justice and comfort for the families of the victims.

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