Cuba: Day 3

Thursday morning, we finally decided to try the restaurant next to the house: El Biky. This restaurant is a very American-like restaurant. The first night we arrived, on Valentine’s Day, there was a line that wrapped the corner. The restaurant is clean and the staff is classy. The flowers on the table were fresh. The juice was fresh and the coffee was on point. Their breakfast food was simple and good. I have to admit, it wasn’t the “best” and even though the atmosphere was nice, I wouldn’t consider this a “must do” on a trip to Cuba. But prices were reasonable and it gave us the sustenance we needed to kick off our day.

After breakfast, we headed to the bus stop by La Universidad de la Habana. We stopped to take some pictures and were approached by two students. They were super friendly and ended up giving us a tour of the campus and the places Fidel Castro used to frequent when he was a student. Afterwards, we started talking about cigars. They mentioned they knew someone who had some to sell and took us to a house a couple blocks away. While it seemed slightly sketchy, curiosity overcame any hesitation we had. Our guides took us a to small home, where an older lady had boxes of cigars. We talked quality and pricing, but we were still uncertain, so decided not to buy. We thanked the students and headed out to the bus stop to continue our day.

When we got to the bus stop, we met mother and daughter travelers from Washington, DC. It was nice to meet other Americans and we exchanged ideas and destinations for our trips. We gave them an extra map of the city. The bus was taking a forever in arriving, so we decided to bounce and hail a cab to the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. There we saw the work of local Cuban artists. We recognized some of the pieces that we had seen the first night a Fernando and Mora’s house. They had a couple replicas that they introduced us to at their place.

We tried to go to the Museo de La Revolucion, but it was closed for the day. We ended up killing some time and Sloppy Joe’s for a little snack.

We then hailed a cab to the Plaza de la Revolucion, were Castro and other political leaders have held the most known political rallies.

We decided to walk back home and stole a peek at a cathedral that was hosting mass. When we got home, Iraida offered to make us a cafecito and we spent another evening chatting with her before bed.

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  1. lisy March 27, 2018 / 2:24 pm

    Thank you ! we just finished reading your post in Spanish class. Lisy

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