Discovering Home Chef…

I am on a meal delivery kick! Last time I tried Blue Apron, this time I tried Home Chef. I signed up for two servings at $39.80 and they charge $10 for shipping cost. After applying a $30 credit, I only paid $19.80. That equates to $4.95 a serving. Without the credit, it would be $12.45 a serving, which is more per serving than Blue Apron. When you sign up, you can set your meal preferences and select from a variety of options.

My refrigerated package arrived as scheduled on Wednesday. The box was smaller than the one I received from Blue Apron, but it also had one less meal. It was insulated and had several packaged ice bags that were still frozen, so the food kept well. The instructions indicate to cook the meals within 6 days.


A nice distinction from Blue Apron was that they included a small plastic binder and the recipe cards were ready to be inserted in the binder.IMG_3234My first meal was Balsamic Glazed Steak with potatoes and broccoli. The items for the meal were packaged and labeled clearly and the recipe card had detailed instructions with pictures. The only things I needed were the pans, salt, pepper and olive oil.

The final product came out great! The potatoes were cooked in butter and roasted, the broccoli was given the flare of parmesan  cheese. The one thing that would’ve been helpful for the steak to include the time on each side depending on how cooked you wanted it. I prefer medium rare, so I cooked it a little less on each side and it came out perfectly! Buen provecho!IMG_3238 (1)

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